September 2017 Blog – Committees – By Trevor Williams

For many months now, my friend and fellow committee member, (Richard) has been trying to get me to put pen to paper, or fingers on keys and write him a blog, one that he can publish on the Penshurst Amateur Dramatic Society’s web page, but I have always refused to meet his demands. Why refuse, I here you ask and that is a good question, one that I’m not sure I can answer, because I don’t really know, why I wouldn’t do it. So, I decided to give it a go, and straight away, I found my first hurdle.


I nearly gave up right there and then. Does the subject need to be something to do with the drama group or amateur dramatics? I thought about telling you about me, but I’m a little bit private, so I decided against that. Then I started to complain about the fact that Richard has put me in a position outside my comfort space, I started to say thing like “Why are the other committee members not doing this?” I started to try shifting my responsibility on to others. Then It hit me I had my subject.


Over the years I have been on many committees “fishing clubs, fete organisers, golf days, am dram are just a few. And I must admit they have not always been great or fun experiences for me. In fact sometimes after a meeting I can be in a quite bad mood. This is usually because it is nearly impossible to get a room full of individuals to agree on the same thing, what half the room says is a good idea the other half won’t agree, as a result change is very slow to come about.

The other thing that upsets me is the committee member who agrees to do something then forgets or just doesn’t do it. (we all turn up for a meeting and ask MR nobody how he got on, only to be told that he has not had a chance to do it. But he will do it for the next meeting. This is infuriating because the meeting is already on the back foot.
Now at this point you are all thinking that I am using this blog to have a silent dig at a few members that have upset me in the past, but you are wrong the person not agreeing with the committee is just as likely to be me, and I know, I have turned up to a committee meeting and said sorry I haven’t done it.

I started this blog not knowing what to say, I started to blame the committee for my discomfort and tried to push my duty onto another, someone who is just as busy as everyone else. I have now realised that I was being very unfair. Every individual that gives up his or her time to run a committee are true heroes of any community, without these good people none of the events that we take for granted would ever happen no junior football no sports at all. no fates or carnivals.

It is a thankless position on a committee, but that’s not why committee members do the job. They do it to make sure that the event that they represent or the society they are members of, keeps going, that’s their reward. And to the committee member that is blaming their fellow committee members for their own failing, remember that they only want the best for the club same as you.

Every organisation need people to run them so if you love your community try putting something back, most clubs and societies are always looking for new members why not give it a go. I did and its amazing how many new friends you will make

Trevor Williams.

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