About Us

About Us

We at PADS believe that amateur dramatics make an important contribution to the diversity of village life. This contribution becomes particularly relevant as other elements of our village fabric are whittled away.

PADS has been in existence for more than 50 years.  Across the years we have presented a wide range of productions to our village audiences and beyond.


One of our many colourful productions

As well as providing local entertainment:

  • PADS raises money for local charities
  • We support community initiatives by staging special performances.
  • Whilst we enjoy and maintain our individual status and characteristics, we have benefitted from our close association with Blackham County Players.

Each production we perform offers a combination of laughter, pleasure and pain in the staging and the ongoing support of loyal friends who tell us (we hope) that we continue to bring them entertainment.

If you have enjoyed any of our productions, like us and believe that keeping the local fabric alive is important then why not join us?  We need members for all roles be it on stage, front of house and back stage.

Go to the PADS membership page for further details.

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