3 Past Productions

Past Productions

Here is a list of our past productions.  We are scouring the archives and more will be added soon.  Click on the production title for photos etc.

Date                  Production                                                By                        Director/Prod
2018 – May       Grand National Night                               D & C Christie     Sue Hayward
2017 – Nov        Play Safe                                                 Jane Hilliard        Richard Lake & Tony Ellis
2017 – May       Songs & Sketches Evening                     Various                Richard Lake
2017 – Feb        Panto – Dick Whittington                         Robert Rees        John Morrison & Sue Hayward
2016 – Nov       The House Amongst The Willows           Robert Scott       Tony Ellis
2016 – Apr        Fete Worse Than Death                           Richard James    Robert Rees
2015 – Oct        Port Out Starboard Home                        Richard James    Tony Ellis
2015 – Feb        Panto – The Great Panto Robbery          Robert Rees        John Morrison & Sue Hayward
2014 – Oct        Agent Zig Zag & Black Comedy              Various                Rob Rees & Sue Hayward