Gallery – The House Amongst The Willows – Nov 2016

Here are a few photos taken from the Blackham/Penshurst production of The House Amongst The Willow performed in November 2016 at Blackham village hall, including some of the feedback we have received.




These photos were taken during rehearsals and show the journey from reading from the script to being performance ready (perhaps!).







These are the photos taken during our second performance on November 12th 2016.  These were kindly donated by Feye Lane



Here is some of the feedback we have received:

“Hi, thoroughly enjoyed the production. I already knew the talent available in Penshurst and Blackham as the comedies have been excellent and it is no mean feat for amateur groups to handle the timing in comic plays. Sure enough, the talent came through  in this Psycho/drama with extremely good good acting, especially in the monologue scenes by the leading man and his fiancée as the presence of the invisible Kelly became over whelming – the scene with her as she blended into the person of her victim was very well handled by the whole cast.

Tony K”

“I normally keep quiet and don’t make comments about the plays but this time I’ll make an exception.  I thought it was really excellent and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am glad I went on Saturday – well done all.

love Marnie”

“Awesome, loved it. Acting was incredible. Felt like a trip to the west end.

Kim L”

“You were all good –very very good, but 2 of you were (in my ‘umble opinion) fantastic.  also special mention to Linda-for hrs & hrs of patient correcting –it was worth it Linda!  Also Tony – great piece of direction.  I think  Blackham may have found itself a director .  Congrats mate –well done.  thoroughly enjoyable 

Lyn  W”

“Really good and enjoyable with a bravissimo lead performance from Richard

Alan W”

“The play was excellent. All the actors were very good, but I wanted to particularly congratulate ‘Sadie’ i.e. Aurea her performance was first class and faultless. She should feel very proud!   Also how did ‘Josh’ perfect that fall after being shot, it looked so real!  Many thanks to all those on the stage and behind the scenes, as always a great evening of entertainment.

Sheila W”

“Well done Tony for directing this unusual play.  And all the cast were very good.  Really enjoyed it and it was nice to see a thriller for a change.  Congratulations!

Pat L”