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Welcome To Penshurst Amateur Dramatic Society

PADS is a very friendly local amateur dramatic group which operates out of the Village Hall in the lovely village of Penshurst. We produce two comedy productions a year and a pantomime every two years in February to cheer up the post-holiday doldrums. We also have been known to perform short 15 minute plays at local Fetes and other occasional comedy productions. We welcome new members who’d like to venture on stage or as part of the production crews.

We collaborate with other local groups and currently team up with Blackham Country Players (BCP), so most plays are performed in two very different locations and to two rather different audiences, making  the sometimes hard work of rehearsals well worth while and very rewarding.

There is only one rule we have and that is to have fun!

Ex game show host Lance and his wife ‘Matron’ run “Fairlawn”, a small rest home for retired showbiz entertainers. They are an eccentric group of people who are still trying to re-live their days of fame on the small screen.  Florrie was once the presenter of a wild life show and Mavis played a nurse in a hospital drama.   Together they cause mayhem as they search for animals and injured bodies.

Miriam solved crimes and knitted!   Peter was a vicar in a soap opera but prefers to remember his days as a Shakespearian actor and never misses an opportunity to quote the Bard. Poor old ex-stand-up comedian Charlie Chuckles!   No one seems to get his jokes and now he is just a grumpy old man who enjoys causing mischief.

Carina the hired help does her best to keep them all in order and Matron runs the home with a rod of iron.   Their patience is severely tested with the arrival of the “Bentley Boys”, two teenage mini crooks sent to the rest home to serve out their Community Service.  It is soon apparent that “The Boys” have an ulterior motive for being at the home.   They are looking for something and they are not the only ones!   Who will find it first?

Chaos and mayhem run riot in this world of ex entertainers and small time crooks resulting in an extremely funny play with a great finish.

So book your tickets now!

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